Good business needs the right team. Someone that brought it all up, someone that always just grumble and someone that really does something.

Head of the project

Mother during the day, businesswoman during the night. Or at least this is how she imagines it. Apart from family and business, she does best in the kitchen. She likes healthy food, minimalism and peace of mind. She has been dancing competitively in her past life. If she does not answer the phone, it is likely because she´s chasing kid somewhere or hiding in the chamber in front of them.

Chief Babysitter

In addition to working from dusk till dawn, building a house, taking care of a family car park, cooking dinner, he is also the main babysitter of the Novotny team. Beware, he’s doing box. Does not sleep. Why would he?


When she was young and pretty, she founded the Crowina ecommerce. The Haglöfs brand fits there. Now, when she’s just pretty, she works as a Product Manager of the web interface. If she’s not behind the comp, you’ll find her hiking somewhere. She’s playing competitive badminton and she’s good at it, somewhere in the TOP 20.